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    Animetal USA (アニメタルUSA Animetaru Yū Esu Ē?) is a Japan-based American heavy metal band formed as a tribute to Eizo Sakamoto's band Animetal.[1] They made their world debut at the 2011 Loud Park Festival,[2] where they performed on stage with Momoiro Clover Z.[3]

    The band's members are former Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Michael Vescera; Impellitteri guitarist Chris Impellitteri; former Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, and Whitesnake bassist Rudy Sarzo; and Judas Priest and Racer X drummer Scott Travis.[4]

    Their debut self-titled album was released on October 12, 2011, and features English-language heavy metal covers of several anime theme songs, ranging from Dragon Ball's "Makafushigi Adventure!" to Neon Genesis Evangelion's "A Cruel Angel's Thesis". The songs were arranged by Impellitteri and former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.[4]

    official web : &

    First album : h**p://

    Tracklist :

    01. Uchuu Senkan Yamato
    02. Gatchaman No Uta
    03. Mazinger Medley
    04. Makafushigi Adventure
    05. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis
    06. Ai Wo Torimodose!!
    07. Ganbare Dokaben
    08. Pegasus Fantasy
    09. Ike Tigermask
    10. Kinnikiuman Go Fight!
    11. Yuke Yuke Hyuuma

    artikel by wikipedia